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Mobile Phone Analysis

As with computer systems, mobile phones are becoming used increasingly more in crime; in addition, they are also becoming more complicated in the technology used by them. The police and the prosecution frequently use the data from them for conviction purposes, but the defence team can also use various information data to validate their client’s innocence of the charges faced.

Our engineers are able to “glean” information from a mobile phone’s internal memory, its SIM card and removable memory cards. This information as with computers can also often be obtained even if it has been deleted by the user. All information will be presented in a logical manner with accurate dates and times.

All information is forensically sound and is admissible in court.

Information that may be of use to the defence team:-

  • Text / SMS messages, both sent and received
  • Dialled numbers
  • Incoming voice calls
  • Outgoing voice calls
  • Images sent and received from camera-equipped phones
  • Contact names and phone numbers held in the directory
  • Video and audio files held upon the device

It may be required that any images, audio and video content may need enhancement. These services are also provided by Forensic Image.

Numerous other information resources may be held; e.g. website pages visited, or word documents and similar, the latest generation of mobile phones now have similar memory capacity to that of an ‘entry-level’ personal computer.

What To Do Now

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