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Forensic Photography

Criminal Forensic Photography

Helping the Court to understand the location and scene of an incident can be a difficult process. It may well be that the Court has little or no idea of the area or the layout of any building concerned. It may well be that there is a material dispute in evidence as to where the incident took place and where the parties were located. Furthermore, eyewitnesses to the incident may well have had obstacles in their line of sight which needs to be explained and explored before the Court as a vital part of the case.

As a market leader in legal forensic evidence services, we have an expert team of criminal incident scene photographers who are highly experienced in this field of evidence. The photography work undertaken can either be outside, inside or a blend of the two. We work to your schedule and pride ourselves with a quick and accurate turnaround of work, following your instructions to the letter.

It is often required that the images produced are coupled with a scale plan of the location. When this is done the positions and directions that the images were taken from are included upon the scale plan to further assist viewing and full comprehension of the scene.

Once the photographs have been approved we will publish them within a clear document portfolio that is perfect for enhancing the case before the Court.

All evidential photograph work is undertaken by us always comes with a comprehensive supporting section 9 witness statement.

Road Traffic Accident Photography

It is not unusual to find that some of the most strongly contested cases, with the most disputed evidence, are those involving road traffic accidents. Even with eye witness evidence, the circumstances surrounding the accident often hinges on the evidence given both by the alleged offending driver and the other party.

It remains inherently difficult to present such a case on the basis of verbal description alone. Trying to explain to the Court the intricacies of road layout, conditions, and witness locations for a road traffic accident can be left open to interpretation and inference.

By presenting such a case with expertly taken photography it can dramatically simplify how the case is presented and help both the Court and the witnesses with the evidence. Such road traffic accident photography could clearly show the location of the accident, the views of the witnesses and any obstructions which may either support or discredit what has already been said.

As market leaders in forensic evidential support for the legal profession, we have a dedicated team of road traffic accident photographers who are highly experienced in this field. Naturally, we cannot be there to photograph the scene as it happens however, our team is able to display circumstances as close to event specifics as are possible.

All our road traffic photography projects are properly displayed and accompanied with appropriate section 9 witness statements where appropriate.

Medical Photography

One of the main arena’s of Forensic Image is the production and documentation of photographic images of Injury’s suffered by the general public, be it a criminal injury or through the negligence of an employer, a local council or the proprietor of a premises.

Many injuries leave lasting and large scaring, but many are equally small in appearance. We are specialists at “Close up photography” and are able to produce large images of tiny scaring that may be required for your case. All images are bound into bundles with reference numbers and signed statements from the photographer.

We strive to make your life and the building of a case as simple as possible. All you need to do is to contact us, listing your brief and requirements, your reference No., your clients contact details and the number of sets of images that you require. Then just leave the rest to us.

What To Do Now

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