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About Us

Forensic Image is a specialist company providing services for the unique requirements of the legal profession, thus enabling a busy lawyer to prepare for trial in a reduced timescale with quality, well presented and documented evidence at the defence team’s disposal.

We have been proudly supporting the legal profession for over 30 years.

We are set up to provide you with the opportunity to reconstruct the evidence in similar conditions to that of the alleged offence, which goes beyond simple descriptions and statements of evidence. We strive to present evidence in a language that a jury is able to understand and comprehend in a logical way.

It should also be noted that all our services, when presented to you, will be accompanied by the necessary Section 9 documentation.

What To Do Now

As a market leader for forensic evidence you can contact Forensic Image by calling us on 01925 654555 or you can send us an email by clicking here.