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Our surveillance service compliments the provision of market leading specialist forensic evidence services perfectly.

It is not unusual that many cases require further investigation as part of their preparation and final presentation to the Court. In the normal course of case preparation the accusing party will have produced the evidence for their case after what they believe has been a full investigation. The recognised saying is that there are 2 sides to every story and some defendants may well raise issues that are worthy of further investigation and surveillance. This may include gaining intelligence on parties in the case, locational issues or private enquiries.

We are often brought in at the start of a case and particularly at the investigative stage. If an individual, or  a business believe that some one, or a group is causing them harm they will find it difficult to produce definitive evidence themselves. By using our surveillance services early in the investigation, we can deliver definitive and recorded proof as to the location, circumstances and individuals involved in most situations.

As with our specialist forensic evidence services, we provide a market leading surveillance solution to the legal profession that can add the extra dimension to a case.

Our extensive surveillance services include:

• Discreet observations of individuals or groups.
• Benefit / Fraud investigations.
• Injury Fraud investigations.
• Rural / Urban Observation Posts.
• ID Photography.
• Vehicle tracking.
• Anti fly tipping operations.
• Installation of covert / overt camera systems.
• Commercial Theft Enquiries.
• Private and Corporate Enquiries.
• Harassment Issues.
• Evidence / Intelligence gathering.

Our market leading surveillance service is discreet but effective and our specialist team has a wealth of experience in this area. All our surveillance projects culminate in the serving of a comprehensive report, including supporting evidence and section 9 witness statements from all operatives involved.

Road Traffic Investigations

As an increasing amount of investigations are carried out over driving matters, the ability to forensically investigate and report on such can be vital to any case before the Court. It is not unusual for one party in the case to have prepared a report, both on location and mechanics of the incident. In such circumstances, it is vital for the other party to be allowed to conduct their own investigation and fact find in support of their version of events.

Our dedicated Road Traffic Investigation team are highly skilled in forensic accident investigations and can dramatically help with the presentation of any case before the Court.

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