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Road Traffic Accident Investigations

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Road Traffic Accident Investigations

road traffic investigation experts with forensic imageAs a market leader in expert forensic services for the legal profession, Forensic Image provide a Road Traffic Accident Investigation team who are dedicated to the investigation, assessment and reconstruction of Road Traffic Accident scenes.

When receiving instructions from a client regarding a Road Traffic Accident case, any aspect of liability is normally hotly disputed. In the more serious cases it is not unusual for either the prosecution or claimant to serve an expert report and conclusion as to  the mechanics of the incident. In such cases it is always recommended that an independent Road Traffic Accident Investigation Expert be instructed to assist with both case preparation and presentation before the Court.

To provide assistance we offer an initial free telephone consultation which can often assist to resolve the situation (up to a maximum of half an hour).

Independent Analysis of Expert Reports

It is not unusual in serious Road Traffic Accident cases that a Solicitor is served with an expert Road Traffic Accident report as part of the case disclosure. Whilst instructions will be dutifully taken from the client, a more in-depth assessment of the data, evidence and conclusions can provide support to the facts and assist with the furtherance of case preparation.

It may also be the case that the client has a somewhat sketchy recollection of the circumstances of the incident, especially if they have been injured or there were multiple people involved of whom the client was not aware. In these circumstances, such expert evidential interpretation can provide a balanced view and help the client form a more accurate reflective view of what happened.

Speed Enforcement

As roads in the UK are becoming ever busier, the Police are using an increasing amount of surveillance and camera technologies to assist with their enforcement of speed restrictions. These can take the form of static speed cameras, such as GATSOs or handheld devices that are used by a trained officer.

These technological methods of speed enforcement are themselves bound by codes of practice and procedure as are the trained operators who use them. On occasions the Courts have allowed successful challenges to this type of evidence when presented with cogent, right and proper expert evidence from an independent Road Traffic Investigator. Such challenges can be made on the grounds of operator error, incorrect identification of a vehicle, use of defective or poorly calibrated equipment, etc.

It is virtually impossible for an individual to challenge this evidence without the benefit of a report prepared by an expert Road Traffic Investigator and such input needs to be acquired as soon as possible to ensure that all matters are ready for effective presentation before the Court

Fatal Road Traffic Accidents

Owing to the very nature of Road Traffic Accidents, the chances of a fatality arising out of a serious collision are unfortunately high. In such cases there is likely to be a lot of heightened emotion from the deceased’s family and further pressure placed upon the defendant as they will have gone through a traumatic set of circumstances themselves.

In Road Traffic Accidents where there has been a fatality it is quite usual that the prosecution or claimant will have prepared a very detailed Fatal Road Traffic Incident Report, with a variety of conclusions being drawn from the data and evidence.

In these most serious of Road Traffic Accident cases, it is imperative that a thorough and wholly independent expert report be produced to analyse and where appropriate challenge the evidence that is brought against the defendant. Experience drawn from the Road Traffic Accident Investigation Team at Forensic Image has shown that a common failing in some prosecuting expert reports is the non investigation of all contributory factors to the accident. When fully investigated and presented effectively, these contributory factors can have a significant influence on the case.

Vehicle Examination

The safety features of modern vehicles improve year on year as has their reliability. However, it can never be ruled out that a mechanical defect which was unknown to the offending driver at the time of the incident, has been a significant contributory factor to the Road Traffic Accident.

It is therefore imperative to have the vehicle thoroughly examined as part of a full Road Traffic Accident Investigation. Important aspects of the examination can be the offending vehicles brakes, steering, suspension, defective tyres, lights or incompatible parts to name but a few.

A full vehicle examination will allow an Independent Road Traffic Investigation Expert to create a “damage profile” of the offending vehicle. Such a profile can show important forensic evidence relating to consistency of contact, speed assessments, pre and post impact movements, etc.

Tachograph Records

Commercial vehicles such as trucks, lorries, coaches and busses are lawfully obliged to monitor their driver’s hours and journey data by use of tachograph data.

This data holds a variety of forensic information which can be vital to any case where such data is contested as part of the factual evidence. The tachograph data does not only show the driver’s hours that have been driven but also journey data such as speed and distance. This evidence can be vital if the driver is facing matters or speeding or causing a collision.

Tachographs have also been useful in criminal cases outside of Road Traffic Law. Such data has proved very useful in some drugs cases whereby, the tachograph has shown that a vehicle and driver have not been in a location at a specified time as alleged by the prosecution.

The reading and assessment of tachograph data is a highly specialised function and can be expertly dealt with by the dedicated Road Traffic Accident Investigation Team at Forensic Image.

What To Do Now

As market leaders in forensic evidential services for the legal profession, Forensic Image have a dedicated team of Road Traffic Accident Investigators who can add clarity and substance to any serious Road Traffic Accident case.

Drawing on substantial experience, all Road Traffic Accident expert reports are properly prepared and delivered on time with supporting section 9 witness statements were appropriate.

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