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Phonetic Analysis

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Phonetic Analysis

In cases where voices and vocal recordings are an important part of the evidence, it may be possible to call on a phonetics expert witness. Such a witness can determine the likelihood of two voice samples being from the same person, they can determine some aspects of a profile for the person that a voice belongs to, and they can profile the state and condition of the voice’s owner. At Forensic Image, our phonetics expert witnesses can be called upon to give evidence in complex trials while ensuring that they converse effectively with the judge or jury.

Speaker Identification

Naïve speaker identification, which is the identification of a voice by an untrained individual, may be used as evidence in a case but it can fall apart under cross examination primarily because of the flexibility of the human voice and peoples’ ability to mimic and alter their voice.

However, phoneticians are trained to be able to identify markers, and to be able to identify mimicry and give technical speaker identification, which will be given greater credence by the courts. This typically requires the use of at least two recorded audio samples, and may therefore require the use of recorded interviews and other recordings. A phonetics expert can help to determine whether two voices match.

Linguistic Profiling

Linguistic profiling can be used to determine approximate demographic and personal factors about an individual. Age, sex, nationality, and a range of other attributes can be determined through the study of a person’s voice.

As well as being able to determine where somebody is from, it is also possible for a trained expert to be able to determine whether the speaker was coerced or under duress, or whether they were speaking naturally and without direction.

Expert Witness Opinion

When using a phonetics expert witness, it is not only important to choose one that is highly trained and skilled in phonetic comparison and profiling, but one that is a qualified expert witness. They will use language that the courts understand, help to explain potentially complex scientific study, and they can help to prove or disprove a potential theory that would otherwise be left unproven.

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