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Locus Reports

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Locus Reports

In order to provide the Court with a comprehensive package we provide expertly drafted locus reports and scale plans which amplify any incident scene photography that we produce.

Our Locus reports and scale plans are extensively used in criminal defence cases in addition to personal injury claims.

When combined with our scene of incident photographs, our locus reports and scale plans provide an unprecedented view and understanding similar to an individual actually being present in the area in question. This may be a house interior, a pub or nightclub, a park, or an external area, from a section of a street to a whole town.

Included upon our locus reports and scale plans are the positions and directions that photographs have been taken from, distances between points of relevance to the case and any items of importance to other factors that may affect line of site issues and visibility, positions of any artificial lighting, CCTV camera locations, etc.

Our accurate scale pans are produced in sizes from A4 to A0 depending upon the area and complexity of a case.

Examples Of Our Work

locus report and scale plant by forensic image

this is a scale plan drawn by forensic image for a locus report

this is a plan for a locus report by forensic image

RTA Accident Investigations

Some of the most hotly contested cases are those involving or surrounded by road traffic accidents. They  generally involve numerous witnesses, drivers of vehicles and passengers of the same. As is the norm in road traffic accident evidence, there can be some confusion with who saw what, at what stage, where and with which vehicle. Not every witness will have had a clear view of the road traffic accident as a whole and each will have a specific recollection or interpretation of the events.

road traffic investigation experts with forensic imageBy their very nature, presenting such cases before the Court not only require clear instructions from both client and witnesses but also effective supporting documentary evidence that adds real value to the case. With so many potential opposing and differing views as to what took place during a road traffic accident, ordinary evidence and cross examination can end up causing more confusion than they save. It may well be the case that those presenting the case, the Judge and/or members of the Jury will not know the location or layout of the scene of the accident. Couple that with the potential differences in witness evidence and the danger may well be that the Court will draw innocent but inaccurate inferences, causing irreparable damage to the case as presented.

By using state of the art RTA Accident Investigation methods the form for the presentation of road traffic accident evidence can be dramatically improved. As market leaders in RTA Accident Investigations, Forensic Image provide a dedicated team of RTA Investigators whose expertise can add real value to any such case before the Courts.

For further information as to how Forensic Image and their dedicated expert team can add to the preparation and presentation of a road traffic accident case please click here.

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