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March 4, 2013 Richard Hartley

Lawyers Working Longer, For Less

Recent figures released by the Trades Union Congress [“TUC”] have shown that last year 2 billion hours were worked essentially for free in overtime without pay prix viagra viagra.

The figures further revealed that just under 50% of lawyers and legal professionals worked unpaid overtime that averaged just under an extra 10 hours per week. At a time when some in administration point the finger at “fat cat lawyers”, the TUC stated that only managers of financial institutions and those working in education put in more unpaid hours that Solicitors and other legal professionals.

The TUC was keen to highlight a financial element to the statistic and stated that when taking the average lawyers salary into consideration, this meant a loss to that individuals earnings of around £13,921.44 per year.

This excessive overtime was down to a number of perceived factors, the TUC added. These factors were identified as excessive workloads and “presenteeism”, which is where workers come into work despite issues such as serious illness, as they fear that not doing so would damage their job security.

The General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O’Grady stated, “Where employees regularly have excessive workloads, business [solicitors firms] should be considering whether a few more members of staff might help make everyone less stressed and more productive.”

It was further stated that, “A long hours culture is bad for workers’ health and their family life – whether the hours are paid or not.”

In relation to those people paid by the public purse it was added, “This simply is not sustainable and the government cannot continue to expect more for less.”

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