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Facial Mapping

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Facial Mapping

facial mapping with forensic imageFacial mapping and feature comparison can be a vital part of identifying a subject as part of a legal case. With the ever increasing role of surveillance in our every day lives, it is not unusual to find video or picture evidence being served within the case papers.

The proposed benefit from this type of evidence is that it will show a subject, at a certain place, at a certain time, doing a certain thing. In reality the quality of the picture or video footage is so poor that a clear identification cannot be made. In such circumstances, that assumption of identification will generally be disputed and the need for further forensic evidential examination will be required.

As market leaders in facial mapping techniques, Forensic Image have a dedicated team who are specialists in facial comparison type cases and related issues of identification.

forensic image are specialists at facial mappingThe Facial Mapping team at Forensic Image work closely with those dedicated to Video Enhancement. By making significant improvements to either the video or photographic evidence, the Facial Mapping team can increase the reliability of their findings and lend that extra weight to the presentation of the case before the Court.

In cases where identification evidence is fiercely contested, a court can have issues in drawing a definitive inference. Asking a Court to make expert findings on complicated and technical identification evidence can not only be dangerous but unfair on those making the findings. However, and most importantly, those findings can be to the detriment to that party disputing the evidence. By using an experienced Facial Mapping team, the allowing of doubt through an inference being drawn is reduced and the overall presentation of the case, heightened.

mug-shot-3There are 3 main techniques used with Facial Mapping evidence; Photogrammetry, Morphological, and Superimposition.

  • Photogrammetry based facial mapping evidence is developed on a comparison of the measurements between the facial features of the subject.
  • Morphological based facial mapping evidence involves the description of the subject’s facial features when compared with the video or photographic evidence. It should be noted that this technique is more subjective than the other types.
  • Superimposition based facial mapping evidence involves the placing of a similar photograph of the subject over the disputed evidence and using a flick or swipe technique. The differences and or or similarities are highlighted to the member of the experienced Facial Mapping Team as individual features are realised and identified.

As with all evidential matters dealt with by Forensic Image, all produced evidence is accompanied by a section 9 witness statement from those concerned with the evidential continuity.

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