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June 16, 2015 Richard Hartley

Dundee University To Offer Free Forensic Investigation Course

People that want to discover what it is like to be a forensics investigator can now sign up for a free online course that is being offered by Dundee University. The course is free to join, open to anybody that wishes to take part, and lasts for six weeks; during this time, participants will have to sift through evidence, uncover clues, and piece everything together to help determine what happened to a fictional body found on a hillside.

Dundee University has one of the leading forensic study centres in the country, and they not only work with police on forensic investigations, but they offer a number of courses that students can take if they wish to pursue a career within forensic sciences. The Massive Open Online Course that they are offering is meant to detail the kind of work that forensics experts do, presumably in a bid to try and encourage some participants to sign up with the university’s forensics programs prix viagra 25 milligrams.

The course is designed to be as realistic as possible, but the realism caused something of a controversy, when police were called by locals during the filming of the course content. People became concerned that police tape and people dressed in forensic suits were spotted in the local countryside, and some individuals posted details online.

Forensics investigation has become increasingly popular thanks to hit shows like CSI, although a number of experts have previously questioned the accuracy of that type of show. Investigators are rarely involved in the primary investigation of murders, concentrating their efforts on creating timelines, gathering clues, and providing the police and investigators with information and clues that they would then use to help solve cases and determine exactly what happened.

Forensics investigations may also be used in court, and some forensics experts are called to give evidence as expert witnesses. The MOOC course is the second that has been run by the university and it will launch in September and take six weeks to complete for those that do enrol. Once the course is completed, it will also be available for download for those that miss out or would rather complete it in their own time.