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DNA Analysis

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DNA Analysis & Profiles

blood splatter analysisDeoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) profiling is an invaluable tool when assessing whether or not someone was present at a crime scene. DNA is a chemical component that is found within the genetic makeup of every individual. It is made up from genes inherited from both parents and is carried in every persons individual cells. For example, the DNA found within a flake of skin is the same as within a drop of blood or any cell within the body. However, not all DNA samples offer the same evidential value as some may show extremely strong association with a suspect whereas others can be very weak by either being tainted or providing a partial result.

When dealing with DNA profiling it is imperative that you use dedicated and highly skilled scientists that have a wealth of experience in this area. They need to critically consider any results and be able to evaluate the evidence both in context with the crime scene and the crime itself. Some areas of DNA profiling are more complex than others such as when there are mixed DNA profiles or where low copy number or other such sensitive methods are used which can be open to both interpretation and scrutiny within a court environment.

When embarking upon the DNA profile analysis within a case some key questions need to be asked at the outset.

  • Has the DNA scientist allowed for the proper procedures in the case?
  • From what point in the DNA analysis has the scientist based the findings?
  • The quantity and quality of the DNA that has been sourced from the crime scene?
  • Has there been any potential contamination or innocent transference of DNA material?
  • Whether or not a close relative of the suspect can have contaminated any of the relevant evidence in the case?
  • If any of the DNA results are reported as being “complex” what effect has this had on the scientist’s conclusions?
  • Is there anything that the scientist is aware of that could cause any uncertainty within the results?

With the potential ramifications of DNA evidence before a jury, right and proper scrutiny of that evidence is vital in any such criminal case. Current media trends have put DNA evidence firmly in the mind of public to the point that they expect it to be wholly accurate and will, in many cases, require it to be scientifically disproved before them. It is not unusual in many contested criminal cases where DNA is used to have opposing scientific views as to the voracity of the DNA evidence and as such it is imperative to instruct a highly experienced scientific team the moment such evidence becomes an issue.

As market leaders in forensic evidential services for the legal profession, Forensic Image provide a dedicated team of DNA scientists and experts who add weight to any criminal case where such evidence is in issue.

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