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Computer Analysis

As the sophistication of technology has increased, so has its employment in a wide range of crimes. Computers play a prevalent part in many cases ranging from drug offences, to money laundering and serious fraud. The seizure of computers for investigation causes a huge increase in workload for any legal team. The forensic interrogation of a computer’s hard drive and operating system can give a valuable insight into how that computer has been used, when it has been used and in some cases, where it has been used and who has used it.

As a market leader in computer forensic services for the legal profession, Forensic Image has an expert and highly experienced team of computer forensic engineers who undertake a variety of levels of computer investigation and interrogation.

Computer Hard Drive Interrogation

When computers are seized as part of an investigation and then served as evidence, it is not unusual for a copy of the hard drive to be supplied for interrogation. In this regard our expert team employ a number of sophisticated techniques using industry standard interrogation software such as EnCase and Forensic Tool Kit (FTK). The sheer amount of data which is stored on a computer hard drive can easily be open to interpretation and inference.

It is vital in such cases where computer evidence is served that a full investigation is made to ensure the evidence which is being put before the court is accurate both in content and interpretation.

Server Interrogation

In the larger of the computer based cases, not only one computer may have been used but an entire network. In such circumstances all the computers on the network may have had some interaction with a server. Network based computer cases are extremely complicated and may require the interrogation of a large number of individual computers as well as the controlling server. By interrogating the server and subsequent logs, the computer based actions of any person having logged into the network can be traced and presented as an integral part of the case.

As more and more communications and transactions occur online, it may also be the case that the issue of “remote access” is raised. With the application of computer forensic software, specific interrogation can be made both of the server and the alleged offending computer to ascertain if any such access has occurred, when, where and by whom.

E Discovery

As technology has progressed, the usage and storage of data has found its way into our every day lives. Many legal investigations will now source electronic evidence from a variety of sources such as satellite navigation, camera memory, smart phones and tablets to name but a few. There can also be interrogation of a cars engine management system to ascertain information and data that may be relevant to an on going investigation.

Our dedicated E Discovery team are highly skilled with the interrogation and retrieval of data from these increasingly important areas. By examining this type of data through E Discovery, a picture can be built up of an individual’s movements, actions and communications throughout a specified time. When this data tied in with other sources of relevant evidence it can dramatically add to the presentation of any case before the Court.

Email Communications

As with mobile phone and text communications, emails now play a valuable part in many cases. The discovery and service of email communications can throw a different light onto a case and importantly, demonstrate the roles of individuals accused of an alleged offence. There are a number of different types of email accounts that can be used such as those that are generally available for free, like Yahoo or Gmail; and domain based accounts such as youremail@yourdomain.com. Furthermore, these email servers can operate through a number of different protocols such POP, IMAP or EXCHANGE. It is not unusual for many people to use computer based email clients such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Explorer, or Windows Live to name but a few. By using email client software, the email messages are stored directly onto the persons computer allowing for further investigation and interrogation in certain circumstances.

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