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CCTV Enhancement

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CCTV Enhancement & Analysis

CCTV cameras are now an everyday part of our lives in most places that we visit, and we seldom even consider that most of our actions are recorded in some way. The police and prosecution services are well known to be aware of this and often use such images to secure a prosecution. But this information is a double edged sword, as facts and information that are also able to prove your client’s innocence can often be overlooked or ignored by the above.

CCTV equipment is now a very large industry with numerous manufacturers in the market. Unfortunately they do not manufacture their equipment with an industry standard output, which means that data from one machine cannot always be (and seldom is) played back on another type of machine. We also face the problem of multiplex systems displaying footage from many cameras onto one screen. Combine this with new technology that is constantly evolving and we have a minefield of problems for anyone wishing to view the footage created.

We can overcome the above issues for you, enabling you to view a small timeframe of events, or an entire day’s footage taken from many different cameras should you require. Combine this with one of our scale plans showing the positions of all the CCTV cameras and you posses an unparalleled overview of a scene to present to a jury.

All footage will be time stamped and forensically sound.

We are also often able to often enhance images should this be required and also produce photographic prints of any image(s)

This arena is, by its nature, often quite complicated so should you require any additional clarification on any points please contact us.

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