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Blood Stain & Clothing Analysis

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Blood Stain & Clothing Analysis

Blood Stain Splatter Analysis

blood splatter analysisAt most crime scenes blood is the most commonly found bodily fluid and can be transmitted onto a number of differing surfaces in a multitude of locations. It can be found on walls and furniture, on the shoes and clothes of people who were at the scene and on weapons that have been used as a part of the crime.

During an assault is not unusual for the attacker to come into contact with the victim’s blood. The degree of blood transference is normally in proportion to the length of the attack and how close the attacker got to the victim. For example, a single blow may mean that the attacker has moved away before the victim has started bleeding however, a more sustained attack will increase the chances of high blood transference through proximity and actions.

Owing to the properties of blood as it leaves the body and lands on a surface, the splatter patterns caused by the blood can offer valuable insights as to the mechanics of an attack. This information provides a vital reference point when evaluating the voracity of a witnesses’ statement when dealing with the attack.

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Clothing Damage Analysis

blood splatter analysisMany attacks involve the use of a knife, or bladed article which,when used causes damage to the victim’s clothing. The type of damage caused to the victim’s clothing by a blade can offer vital insights into the attack and the attacker. It can show details such as the amount of force used, the angle of the attack and the sharpness of the blade.

In making such an analysis the scientist will pay attention to the fibres within the damaged section of the victim’s clothes. The ends of the strands and fibres will be examined to see if they have been cut or torn. From here the scientist can establish the sharpness of the blade and in many cases, an indication of the type of blade used.

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