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Audio Enhancement Experts

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Audio Enhancement Experts

Audio based evidence can arrive from a number of sources. It may be part of CCTV footage, video or audio surveillance. By its very nature it is generally in a format that would include background noise or other people talking at the same time as the subject. The prosecution can place a heavy reliance on this type of evidence and ask the Court to draw inferences of not only what was said but how it was said.

Audio Evidence

Any audio based evidence is only as good as the integrity of the recording device. With all the other potential sounds and noises that can pollute the quality of a recording it is imperative that such evidence is enhanced to give the clearest possible insight of what was said and it what context. We provide a specialist team of audio enhancement technicians who are highly experienced in this area of forensic evidence. Using the latest equipment, software and techniques we are able to dramatically enhance the quality of an audio recording and provide any legal team with the extra evidential information that can be vital to any case.

Audio Transcripts

The use of our expert Audio Enhancement Team goes far beyond just improving the quality of the audio recording. We provide a specialist CCTV and Audio Transcription service that assists any case by expertly transcribing the contents of the audio based evidence for presentation before the court. By providing a transcript it enables the Court to follow the enhanced audio evidence closely thus lowering the chances of the it being misunderstood.

Phonetic Evidence

On many occasions the subject of the audio evidence may dispute it is their voice that is on the recording. It may also be the case that more than one recording has taken place and there is a dispute as to who’s voice is on which tape. Furthermore, there may be a number of subjects who have been recorded and separating their parts of the conversation will go beyond the capabilities of normal audio enhancement techniques. Our specialist Phonetic Evidence Team can reveal vital information about the recorded subjects social and regional background as well as showing any differences between the speakers in multiple recordings. Importantly, phonetic evidence can identify whether the person who has been recorded is the subject of the case or not.

Audio Translation

Audio based evidence, once enhanced may contain conversations from subjects who are speaking in a language other than English. It will come as no surprise that the party serving the audio evidence will seek to have a translation made as the Court will have little or no appreciation of the language concerned. It is imperative that the subject of the recorded evidence obtains an independent translation of the enhanced audio recording as misinterpretation can have a damaging effect on any case. Our specialist Audio Translation Team are able to pick up on the nuances and inflections of a conversation that may lend and entirely difference meaning to the offending part of what is said.

Sign Language

Not all audio enhancement cases rely purely upon audio only recording devices. Much of the audio enhancement work is based upon those conversations and sounds that are recorded by CCTV. However, not all language is in the spoken word and a a subject can be recorded having a conversation in sign language just as easily. We offer a specialist Sign Language Team who will watch the CCTV footage and transcribe the conversation conducted in sign language for presentation before the Court.

Lip Reading

Audio based evidence can only be enhanced if the sound has been recorded. In such cases we have a specialist Lip Reading Team who are able to read the lips of the subject and others, thus allowing a clear indication as to the content of any non recorded conversation.

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