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Forensic Expert Services

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Computer Forensic Examination

As the sophistication of technology has increased, so has its employment in a wide range of crimes. Computers play a prevalent part in many cases ranging from drug offences, to money laundering and serious fraud. The seizure of computers for investigation causes a huge increase in workload for any legal team. The forensic interrogation of a computer’s hard drive and operating system can give a valuable insight into how that computer has been used, when it has been used and in some cases, where it has been used and who has used it.

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Audio Enhancement Experts

Audio based evidence can arrive from a number of sources. It may be part of CCTV footage, video or audio surveillance. By its very nature it is generally in a format that would include background noise or other people talking at the same time as the subject. The prosecution can place a heavy reliance on this type of evidence and ask the Court to draw inferences of not only what was said but how it was said.

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Forensic Services That Are Out Of This World

We pride ourselves on providing the same great service that we have done for the past 30 years.

Whatever your needs in a forensic expert we know that we can deliver on budget, on time … every time.

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Cell Site Analysis Experts

Cell Site analysis is the geographical locating of a mobile phone or data device at the time a call or SMS is made or received, either live or historically.

Cell Site Analysis assists in confirming or disproving alibis and placing individuals at scenes of crime.

Forensic Image provides independent and professional services in cell site survey, cell mapping, call sequencing, detailed reports and expert opinion. These services are for evidential purposes and are supported by us in court as expert witnesses.

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CCTV Enhancement

CCTV cameras are now an everyday part of our lives in most places that we visit, and we seldom even consider that most of our actions are recorded in some way. The police and prosecution services are well known to be aware of this and often use such images to secure a prosecution. But this information is a double edged sword, as facts and information that are also able to prove your client’s innocence can often be overlooked or ignored by the above.

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